Panic disorder (with agoraphobia...of course) and I had been estranged for quite some time until recently. Not exactly a happy reunion from my position, but it happens. My interest in photography had always aided in my interest in keeping the dark swirling thoughts that come with an anxiety disorder at bay. Looking at the outside world as a photo opportunity as opposed to a place to avoid at all costs. Breaking the big and scary up into bits and pieces for easier digestion. Living in the moment, finding beauty in the little things....apparently all that self-help shit can work, even for a devout cynic like myself.
But here we are again.
And I start thinking.
That's always the problem.
The burning in my stomach.
The racing thoughts.
As if they were from someone else's mind.
If only.
They are mine.
All these places I will never see.
Pictures I will never take.
What if.....


....And I dreamed of Nowhere....                                              Many worlds